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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
we used to discuss about how Wimax and LTE was different... and the advantages of each.

remember how wimax was more open in use.
while LTE gave the carriers more control of the type of data you get, and potential charge for different types of data (VOIP vs websites vs media streaming).

i was hoping for wimax to get better.. but it does suck in performance. (sprint / clearwire implementation just sucks).
so now we are moving to LTE.
and sprint has said data will be unlimited.. for now.

but using the data throttling as an example how they get around the "unlimited' feature (AT&T)...
sprint can use LTE to ..
1. Throttle us from the big speeds (20+ MBs) to current 3G speeds (.5 MBs) because they can say that is what we are used too... after reaching some some top limit (maybe 4GB /month).
2. use LTE to separate types of data. Unlimited on most websites, but charge extra for music, video streaming and certain websites (hulu, netflix, etc...)

i feel this is just around the corner .. Sprint is a corporation out to make profit.. and they will follow the other carriers.
But it won't happen for awhile. Sprint financially is in trouble they need more users. And then people can still go to T-Mobile for capped data speeds for 30 dollars less
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