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Thanks Lekky, Ive had a response from Marc, which I am very pleased about. Again I would like to reply to him but I cant post on that link you gave me for some reason, would you be so kind as to post the following reply?

Marc, many thanks for your reply, to be honest I wasnt expecting the chief Dev to respond so fair play to you Sir

I agree, the main thing is keeping the balance between detail and a pick up and play model. Obviously the easier to pick up and play the more customers you will have. Ive only been playing FM since 2007 so Im not an expert. I have followed many Forums such as SI Forums and FM Base and it strikes me that most people who buy this game would probably appreciate a more detailed approach. Im literally not exagerating here but Ive seen 100 page posts on how to get the best out of Andy Carroll....... Again certainly not a criticisim, I mean ,I struggle setting my alarm clock never mind developing an app of this quality....

Since Im talking to a Dev I should explain my points ;

A Match Day Sound Byte is essential.....after going through numerous slides and menus setting up the best possible team I can to beat Man U in the FA Cup Final, id like to hear the sound of an excited crowd cheering on the team I built. The actual match should be the spectacle as this what you have spent your entire time preparing for ..........

I understand the copyright issues completely......can we download "Tactics" off the internet and place in a FMH folder in our phone that will appear in game for example?

Yeah the Player List is a tricky one. Surely searching through 10gb of music by swiping a screen that only shows 8-10 songs is a lot slower than a continuus vertical scroll.......Maybe the swipable screens could be set into sections ie 1st page - All players from 50-40m....vertical scroll down to the bottom - Swipe right - All Players 40m - 30m vertical scroll down - swipe right - you get my drift lol !!

For me as a Player the most important things to me in order are -

Developing Wonderkids

I dont know if others agree but they sum up the whole managing experience - reading emails about a bid on a player that Everton have made (who is not on my shortlist) is not as important as the above.

To be honest I think Ill stop there it sounds like Im critcising which I certainly am not, got nothing but respect for you guys.....I have lots of ideas for this game and If I dont share them with the powers that be then I shall hold my peace forever lol

Really appreciate your response Marc. Its nice to know that there are people so active as yourself in aknowledging feedback on products we have a lot of love for

P.S If you do need matchday soundbytes I certainly dont mind being sent to Wembley on Saturday with a tape recorder strapped to my head, covered by SI's Research Budget of course lol
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