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Originally Posted by G.adams22 View Post
Battery life *should* be better on this phone than any other current VZW phone with an external LTE radio.
The S4 processor has internal LTE built in on the krait based SoC chip, the first of it's kind...
Hopefully it's way less power hungry and very efficient...
The S4 is also not lacking in the speed department...
Should is the operative word there. I had a DInc and loved it except for the battery life. I moved to the DInc2 which spanked the DInc in the battery department. Then I moved to the Rezound. Battery sucked as bad as the DInc. I couldn't bring myself to go back to being tied to a charger all the time, dropped the Rezound and went back to my DInc2. If I can get a phone that's basically a refreshed version of the DInc2 and it gets similar battery life I am so on board with that.
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