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Default Close, but no cigar...

Originally Posted by svt_gEEk View Post
You can make them unavaiable offline from your tablet, but if you want them gone, follow this:

-From your computer, log in to Google Play Books ( works).
-Click the "MyBooks on Google Play" towards the top of the page
-Under each book you want removed, click the menu button beside the "Read" button and click "Remove from My Library"
Thanks for the response, svt.

Your instructions are good, and they work for removing the books from the Google Site side of things. I know this because that is what I did yesterday.

However, that was also the first time I noticed the books reappear on my tablet. *smile* So, sadly, these instructions don't solve my particular problem.

In fact, when I then:

-- Click on "My Orders & Devices" at the bottom of that page you mention...
-- It shows a list of everything "purchased" for my A100 -- and the three books I want to remove are still right there at the top (even though they are gone from "My Books".)
-- On that listing, I even clicked the little triangle next to "Report a problem", select "Delete Forever", and then "DELETE AND LOSE ACCESS".
-- Refresh page, and they remain gone from that list.
-- Fire up my tablet, open Play Books, and BAM, three books are back.
-- Go back to web browser on desktop, refresh Google page, and there are the three books again in the purchase page (though they remain gone from "My Books", at least...)

Just like a bad penny. *smile*

My guess is that because they were "purchased", yet also bundled (free) in with the initial install, Google Play can't get a handle on how to get rid of them. I would have to delete the whole Books app and reinstall clean, probably, to start with a fresh slate. Like I said, I'm not going to root my device just for that.

Thanks for the advice, and I do think it would work for anything other than this odd, initial bundle scenario, but it doesn't stop these three titles from "pulling a Lazarus".

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