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For what it's worth, the original product as shown at CES was a real show stopper. But if Google is thinking they can some how get me spend less money to get a less capable product then they are dead wrong. I felt then and still feel that $250 is a reasonable price for a tablet that had the all the specs the 370t included. As far as I'm concerned release both the original 370t and what ever less expensive product and let the market be the judge. Minimum specs for me are the Tega 3 processor, 16g of memory, a working GPS sensor, and a decent screen. A back camera would be nice since I use the "Daily Journey" app, all other apps I already have what I need and will only consider what new ones will actually fit in with my life style. To repeat $250 is a great price for a 7 inch tablet and not have to live with the limitations of the Amazon or Nook products. Also to both Google and Asus "JUST RELEASE THE CONFOUNDED THING". Now Asus and Google have waited long enough to allow even more competition. Haven't they heard of "LOST SALES" Evidently Samsung feels that at $250 they can compete.
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