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Originally Posted by floorguy View Post
So I was in the sprint store today, and was chatting with the MGR there (he is in the state legislator so has been gone, and i was giving him a hard time)

Anyway, we go back a long time, he is the employee who signed me up on sprint some 10 yrs ago...

We were chatting about phones coming out, and I brought up how ripped off i felt that the HTC cut back to a dual core instead of the quad core..

He stated it was due to the quads not playing nice with LTE radios...

interesting.....I am sure they (the techs) will figure out how to fix this, and get us on our merry way to the lad of quads.....

If someone else knew this please chime in
The tegra 3 is supposedly incompatable with LTE radios, if you take a look at the HTC one x. The One X uses the Tegra 3 overseas (where LTE isn't big), but in the USA all LTE equipped One X derived phones are not Tegra 3 devices (including sprint's EVO 4g LTE)

I remember that they said the Tegra 2 was incompatible with 4g at all, but we have the photon. I just think Nvidia just hasn't optimized the tegra 3 for LTE. All of the LTE networks work on different bands, so I can't see how it could interfer with both 700 (upper and lower bands), 800, and 1900.
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