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Originally Posted by balamuruga19 View Post
I am using HTC wildfire. When I bought the phone. It was charging 100% in 2.15 Hrs. Few months later 100% charge was completing in 2.45 Hrs. When I visited the service centre. They said can't do anything. Now it becomes more worst. It charge 80% in 1.5 Hrs. After 80% if you charge for 10 Hrs also. It will never complete to 100%. But I found solution. After 3Hrs of charging. If I switch off the phone and start again. It will show 100%. If any one has same experience. Please share me the solution. How to fix the issue.

Balamurugan P
Are you sure that certain typical battery drainers are controlled like:
# Background data (Settings>Accounts & Sync>Untick Background data)
# WiFi/Mobile Network
# Device constantly checking for update (Settings>About Phone>System software updates>Untick check for update [not sure if thats what its called])
# Background processes constantly on (Settings>Manage applications>Running)
# Screen brightness too high (Settings>Display>Brightness)
# A certain app may be draining your battery

Btw you might want to switch of your device and charge it for 2 hours straight, then turn it on and see how it is

Ive been having the same problem at times it goes away then it comes back like right now
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