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Hello just gonna add something some people don't seem to grasp that you need Def points if you have a low def you will get raped in battle you have more people attacking you then you are attacking others keep that in mind.

just saying I'm only lvl 21 and I rape higher lvls because they think having 100+ on atk makes you stronger...

Stamina - points need to complete quest to lvl yourself more you have faster you lvl and finish quest.

Attack - Every card has a atk requirement to be played on in your atk deck for attacking other player. I strongly suggest limiting yourself to adding a redundant amount of points. Think ahead before you start boosting atk what is your best 5 card requirement and set it to the exact total you can double it later on. Trust me its worth it! around 70 is a perfect amount if you are around lvl 20 with 100+ atk I'm gonna just laugh at you.

Defense - Strongly suggest you build a defense deck with cards with def buffs. If you have between 10 - 50 points on defense chances are you will get attacked and lose alots of battles you wanna make sure you can play 5 strong cards to increase your defense. Use a normal evolved card with good defense and enhance it to add on some defensive points with reg like 3 - 7. Remember you have more people attacking you a day then you attacking others.

if you like me to test your build send me your username and ill battle you.
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