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I'm not sure if it's a good cell phone for something like I want to have a lot of high quality games like Evolution soccer 2012, a lot of app, and etc. So I'm not sure if this cell phone can handle all this with the memory it has.

At 500+ MB of internal RAM the mercury has enough memory for any game you throw at it. I have tried "heavy" games like asphault 5 and NOVA 2 amd they run flawlessly

So After installation all app and games, does cell phone be still work well ? wouldn't be slow ? do you think processor speed 1.4Ghz can make it and enough speed?

Installing all those games wont cause the mercury to slow down, like any other phone though, it will if you run multiple "heavy" games all at the same time (like having 3 copies of Evolution Soccer running at the same time)

Having a 1.4 Ghz processor puts it at the high-end of processors it's more than enough to run the games you listed and more.

What is ROM ? is 4GB enough, and do you think 512 MB is plenty and enough ram for having a lot of games and app?

You seem to be talking about internal storage space. The mercury has 2GB of internal storage space, meaning that you have 2GB of space on the phone itself to store your apps and media and stuff. The 4 GB of ROM is for storing internal data such as system images, ect, dont worry about ROM size that much.

512MB is MORE than enough to run high end games. I tried NOVA2 (a high end halo clone) and I still had about 200MB of Ram left no nothing to worry about there.

What is Storage Capacity ? And what does Storage Capacity do? Is 64 GB Good ?

Storage capacity is basically how much stuff (games, music, videos, ect) you can put on it. In this case it means the capacity of external storage (micro SD cards) it can handle. Micro SD cards are like tiny flash drives that slide into your phone to add to the storage the phone already has. So if it says up to 64GB that means that the phone can hand SD cards that can hold under 64GB. still 64GB is ALOT of space.

And what they mean 2GB internet memory ? well I'm pretty sure is not the speed of Internet because the speed is 3G (Data Transfer Speed: 1x and 3G)

I think you mean internal memory. Confusing I know, but a better term would be "internal storage". This is the storage space inside the phone before adding the SD card. At 2GB it's still a good amout, but you should still get a micro SD card so that you will have even more space!

Yes 3G is the dataspeed you will get if you use your phone companie's plan. Remember if youre near a WiFi hotspot you can also use that for data usage. WiFi is much much faster than 3G (or 4G usually).

For detailed phone stats, I use GSMarena, they have alot more info on the mercury then the site you listed:

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