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I'm a newbie smartphone user, and never tweaked/hacked our 3g phones. Since helpful info was spread across a few different places, I made myself a mini-tutorial with links to help me get through the rooting of my Dart phone, then added comments as I went through the rooting.

Not sure if it matters, but I haven't setup any cellphone plans on it yet - so far I've only connected via wifi (at home, not in public). So all of this was done via WiFi only.

1. DL'd SuperOneClick onto PC desktop from:
SuperOneClick |
(scroll past big screenshot - SuperOneClick "requires .Net Framework 2.0 or higher to operate", extract zip to desktop, and make sure to be in Admin mode on laptop/PC when running SuperOneClick)

2. Loaded this tutorial on laptop:
Root Any Android Device And Samsung Captivate With Super One-Click App

- Step 2 has us connect our phone to our pc via USB cable - Windows had to look up and install drivers for the USB-to-Android connection, since I hadn't connected Dart to my laptop yet - it took a few minutes to install the handful of drivers.

- Step 3 of tutorial has us enable USB Debugging on our Dart - here's a pictorial of how to enable USB Debugging on the Android:
How to Enable Usb Debugging Android Mobile | iOS, Android,Jailbreaking

- Step 5 does not apply to Dart phones, skip to step 6 - After clicking Root button, lotsa techie/code stuff scrolls by for a few minutes, asks if I want BUSYBOX - say YES because later on a Root-App complained about me not having it (which was fixed by rebooting). Finally, SuperOneClick tells me it's done, do I want to test it, sure - the result: OK (but I forgot to do step 7, which is "Allow Non Market Apps" button in SuperOneCLick, which might have contributed to some minor problems later - anyway I'm reloading SuperOneClick to do that button, just in case).

So I guess I'm rooted now? YES!! There's a SUPERUSER Icon in my apps menu, yay?

PS: This is where I should have rebooted my Dart - had the tutorial told me to LOL, but it still worked out.

I install my first app-that-requires-root: Titanium Backup. Once DL'd and installed, Titanium BU is asking for root rights - OMG it failed, saying I don't have BusyBox (which I said yes to during SuperOneClick).

Well maybe "rebooting" might help? I power-down, restart, NOW Titanium Backup is working.

Now Titanium Backup is warning me that "your ROM is rooted but the "su" binary has non-optimal access rights, which may cause problems...Titanium BU can fix this problem autmatically in many cases. Do you want to proceed?

Well sure, now I have to reboot again (at least Titanium Backup tells me to LOL)

Restarted 2nd time, backed up a few apps I did stuff with. So it seems all is going well.

Now trying another root-required-app Adfree, no complaints about SuperUser permissions, whew! It seems I'm properly rooted finally.

Good luck!
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