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Originally Posted by Stigy View Post
Gooooooooooood morning everyone - happy Monday. In a pretty good mood on a Monday morning, which is always nice.

Had a nice relaxing but very productive weekend. Goal for Saturday was to paint the wheels for my car and even though I always doubt myself they turned out really well in my opinion. Pic of the wheel at the bottom - they just need some rubbing compound now. Need to just shine the lips up a bit, put the bolts back in get the tires mounted next weekend. Pretty proud of myself considering I had never really spray painted anything before so that was good.

Sunday me and the girlfriend talked about moving in together officially and moving out of my current apartment to one closer to our friends. It will add about 20 minutes to my commute, but if we stayed in my current apartment she would have to endure NYC traffic (towards the tunnel) twice a day and depending on class/work which wouldn't be fair to her. So my lease ends June 30 so gotta start looking around for places soon.

In Android news, Samsung sent out Galaxy invites for May 3rd so we will finally see the SGSIII officially on that day - pretty excited. Samsung to unpack The Next Galaxy phone on May 3rd | Android and Me

Pics of finished wheel:
Great wheels Stigy. Just did the calipers on our Acura metallic red. They look very cool. What kind of paint did you use on the wheels. We got estimates from a local body shop to spray the wheels for our truck (all black dodge 1500 hemi, no chrome except the wheels) but he wants to much so we are thinking of doing it ourselves. Somewhat of car buffs here, Acura and Dodge daily drivers but 23 Tbucket ( for those of us a little older, can you say "Kookie,Kookie lend me your comb")and 87 911 for show and tell
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