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Originally Posted by ylexot View Post
Are you using the right size image for your phone? Hint: it's not the screen resolution because the image scrolls as you change screens.
I do not understand the question...On my PC, if I want a picture as wallpaper, I simply make it so and all of the picture becomes the wallpaper. On my phone, if I select a picture, it grabs the center 1/5 of the picture and refuses to let me shrink it to size..

I get pictures to the phone by hooking the phone up to my computer, opening pictures on the PC, and then opening the phone's files app and move files from the PC to the phone. I have no problem with the pictures in the gallery and get all the photo on the screen BUT, as soon as I choose 'use as wallpaper' the picture is cropped....

Very annoying

Another wild desire...I wish there was an actual book on the various versions of the android OS...I can find stuff on creating apps in 3.0 or 2.2 but I cannot find anything that tells me how to use the systems and I hate trying to read how to do stuff on the same machine I am trying to do it on..

I want an actual paper book that tells me how to use say with a decent index and not written in Klingon. In fact, I find it cheap and cheesy for a $500 phone to come with a 3 page instruction booklet written in micro print. Give me the option to get a real instruction manual.
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