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I'd wait for the HTC Evo LTE and anything Motorola might come out with.

Those specs for that Nexus look sweet but that device is still a Samsung. I know that they've gotten better with their customer support with the Galaxy II. (They couldn't have gotten worse.) I still feel so burned by that terrible piece of garbage otherwise known as the Epic 4g that when I even if I just read "Samsung" I feel a twinge of rage and disgust. So my advice might be out of whack because I have such a giant bias against anything Samsung.

I don't get my last Sprint Premier Gold upgrade until September 1st anyway so the timing for all of this is potentially perfect for me.

If Sprint doesn't come up with the goods by the end of the year, I'll gladly keep my Photon until the end of my contract. Once my contract is up, if Network Vision and LTE are a flop like Wimax was, I may have to hold my nose and jump ship entirely from Sprint, as much as I hate to do so.

I can't understand why Sprint wouldn't go for another Motorola smart phone. The quality is top notch. The customer service is top notch. The accessories are amazing.

Yes, yes, yes, I had my problems at first with the Photon. But those problems were actually resolved by Motorola and Sprint through Best Buy. I can't say the same about my experience with the Epic 4g. That phone never worked right and started to disintegrate in August after owning it for only a year.

I swore never to own a Samsung ever again and I'm sticking by it. If Sprint wants to make Samsung their premier manufacturer, as they seem to have done, and they pass on releasing another Motorola smart phone, I will have to seriously consider dumping Sprint for a carrier with more sense.

Or... if Network Vision rocks and LTE rocks on Sprint and the HTC offerings are as amazing as they seem to be, I might be persuaded to stay with Sprint. I could easily get the HTC Evo LTE if it turns out to be as good in real life as it seems to be in reviews and on paper. I have a feeling a lot will be happening from now until September 1st. It seems like this is a potentially exciting time to be a Sprint customer. It almost reminds me of last year when I had 3 awesome smart phones to consider (Photon, 3VO, or E4GT). However the phones this year seem like they might be more amazing and we have the promise of a revolution never seen on any network that just might save Sprint. Exciting times are here. Woo Hoo!
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