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After tutorial add referral code oaj37772, we both benefit from it. You will 100k cash , items to restore stamina, attack and protect your treasure and Free RARE card once u finish the tutorial. Tips. it is very confusing when start off new, here is where you can get all your free cards. Get alot of free cards by adding fellows it will give u 5 extra attribute and freind ship point, click top right blue circle to get the friendship card, scroll to bottom to claim rare cards. Go to home screen to join holy war event and get free cards when battle ends. From Home page, invite a friend to get your code and invite friend to play to get free Rare Princess card. Twitter every days to get free card. Click on menu, fellow and click support to earn friend ship points. Click on Home, holy war event or what ever event to earn silver coin. give silver coins to other, you can keep yours and others will have one extra too. They will do the same and give u silver coin to get free cards. 3 silver coin will get one free card. Place 50 stamina early stage for quest, then 50 attack , 50 defends evenly when u want to battle for treasure. During battle you can check the defends of enemy before you confirm, so you have high chance of wining. you attack must be higher than his by 10 points to have high chance of winning. if you attack someone very low level, you will lost due to divine judgement. When you get card, do not click sell button, collect 3-4 same normal card and click evolve to combine them. After combining it can use it to enhance your rare cards. Do not enchance a non evolved card, you will waste more card to level your rare cards. To level you skill cards, you have to use a useless skill card to level it. You have to keep those rare card of you kind e.g. Human God or demons. Trade away those not belong to you kind to other fellows. if you are human, trade with god and demons. Always click my page to check inbox of any present. During battle if enemy only have 20 defends, you try to select your card to have total 30 attack instead of wasting all 60-80 power which over kills, so u can do it 2 times or 3 times against that enemy. Hope these tips can help you and you can help my by
After tutorial add referral code oaj37772.
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