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Hello there!
I'm new to this community and to Android in specific. I got my Mini s5570B a few weeks ago, and I've read almost everything about android versions, roots and ROMs. Everything I could find, at least.
I never rooted before. Just want to make sure I do it right, cause I've read a few guides online and saw a few youtubes, in all of them the rooting used those programs (oneclick, keis and more) to root. This way seems too simple.
I'm using GT-5570B, GB 2.3.4 build GINGERBREAD.JJKQ5.
All I need to do to is just to download the zip, put it in my SD card's outside of any programs and restart to recovery? That simple?
Thanks for a (hopefully) fast and helpful answer,

Edit, more questions:
1) Do I need to download ANYTHING else before rooting? I've seen in some other places that there is an extra download for google applications which are pretty much a must (market)
2) A bit offtopic but I'm too confused with all those ROMs. I'm interested in CM7 since I understand it's the most lightweight (Fast) and efficient (battery life) ROM out there, but I see so many versions. 7.1, 7.2 and many many modifications of those. Can anybody recommend the simplest (fastest, no extra stuff) rom?
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