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Originally Posted by LateNiteMike View Post
I'm a new user of ICS Browser+........available from the Playstore for free...and I'm liking it.
It's similar to the stock browser but faster and plays flash videos. It also uses the same bookmarks from your stock browser.

I use ICS+ and it is quite good. It does not use the bookmarks from the stock browser, as far as I know. My stock browser did a make believe of sync with my chrome bookmarks, and in the end it imported just the folder shell of it. ICS+, on the other hand, is really synchronized with my chrome bookmarks, even in real time. I added a new bookmark on my PC and a few seconds later it was already in ICS+.
I have also installed Dolphin HD, and it is also very good browser. Amazing gestures feature, although they messed it up a bit in their last update. Also it does not sync with chrome bookmarks.

Regarding chrome for android, it takes up 60gb of storage space! It is more than 10 times the storage space of any other browser. Maybe it is just because it is beta and has lot of debug code, I installed and uninstalled, decided to wait till the official release in hope it will shrink to normal size.
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