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Originally Posted by bigdogdan2 View Post
awsome guide briston! just read it now after refreshing the page.
Can you elaborate on enhancing skills? I was unaware of this, can you give examples?

For example high pixe has medium atk/def for god cards, that can be increased? With which cards?

Thanks Regarding your question. You can use any cards that have skill to enhance your high pixie. You do not need any specific levels, alignment or form. For you to used that card to enhance other cards.

Almost missed out your word on examples....

Lets say you wan to improve your high shaman skill (medium boost to att/def(all)) you can use high pixie to enhance it (1st form) or shaman to enhance or any card of your choice with a skill.

*Higher the rarity higher the chance of success to increase your card skill level...same thing apply to the form the card used to enhance with
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