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Originally Posted by NaHPrO View Post
Model number: GT-N700
Android Version: 2.3.6
Baseband Version: N7000XLA4
Kernal Version:
dpi@DELL174 #2

I do not know which country this phone came from, anybody know?
My spec is absolutely identical to yours (except you dropped one of the 0's off GT-N7000). I bought mine from Expansys in the UK. I'm not sure there is a UK spec model as such as they all seem to be known as the international model but at any rate yours is absolutely identical to mine.

As for your 3G issue, I live in an absolute dead zone for 3G so I deliberately keep mine off otherwise it kills the battery constantly hunting for a signal. I use the JuiceDefender Ultimate widget to force 3G off and on. When I'm out and I need it on it's just like yours, constantly changing to H or H+, sometimes dropping to E (for Edge, basically GPRS speeds). It's down to the strength of the signal. The phone is trying to find the best signal it can to give the best speed it can. If you sometimes have to turn it off then on again it seems that something is either disabling it or interfering with it. You need an app that monitors not only 3G usage but can also tell you what apps are using or controlling the 3G connection. I don't actually know of any, purely because I haven't needed an app like that, but someone on the forums might know of one.
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