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Originally Posted by BabyBlues View Post
Yeah, I wasn't going to bring up the fact that we are supposed to turn all electronics off. I'm guessing its similar to a hospital where they say to do the same with phones. I'm sure there are some machines that could be effected but unless I'm in the ICU with some one then my phone is no different than a doctor's phone. I had one very mad once because he said I had to turn mine off, then his rang and I said "I will when you do ". I'd love to know why it has to be done on the plane though.
It's mainly done as a precaution, but there is merit behind it. If I enter an area of a hospital that says to turn cell phones off, I turn mine on airplane mode. Same for planes. Most equipment now is not very succeptable to electromagnetic/radio frequency interference, but some older equipment is. If you get one cell phone near it, may not affect it much, two you might see some effects, 3...etc it gets worse.

Usually hospitals only have that sign up around areas with sensitive life-sustaining or monitoring equipment. (ICU and surgery rooms)
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