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Originally Posted by DWasilew View Post
Definitely a no for me. I will never go back to skinned Android and HTC are horrible with updates.
Lies. HTC is as good as Motorola at getting updates pushed out. And until recently getting a timely update from Samsung was less likely than winning the lottery.

On a side note, it kinda irks me that HTC and Verizon don't see the Incredible brand as being a flagship model. The original Incredible was as it's name describes; top of the line specs and the best phone out at the time (including the i*hone) and for a while afterwards. When the Inc2 came out I was excited, but ultimately disappointed in it's "middle of the roadness." Single-core, no LTE, all kinds of bummer. Don't get me wrong, it's a great phone and I got a few friends to buy one, but I felt that the brand had been pushed to the background. Now the Inc4G is coming out, it sounds like it will be borderline dated upon release, depending upon what kind of screen it has. No one is really talking about it, and those that are brushing it off. I just think it's a shame. The way the original sold, I think it could have rivaled the i*hone in popularity. Too bad Verizon is too busy pushing Motorolas and Apples, and HTC is busy making a billion models of the same phone. /end rant
First off I don't see why you care how Verizon/HTC brand their products. I buy my devices based on their performance/cost/etc, not their name. I would have bought my Razr (my current device) even if it was called the Droid Dysentaria-matic 5103.

Onto you're perception that the Inc 4g is dated/midrange, that's just not true. It seems like it is if you're in the "I need more mega-whatzits" crowd, but more cores/mhz doesn't necessarily make a better processor. Based on benchmarking the S4 and the Tegra 3 Quadcore are quite competitive, and in the real world where virtually no apps are setup the parralism and hyperthread features necessary to get the most out of a large number of cores the S4 should blow the Tegra out of the water. Not to mention it also should consume alot less power doing it.
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