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..the instructions given above by ag011090ag dont work 100% correctly..
and from researching...cyanogen is not possable on rk2818 (its been discontinued on their site)...
but it is possable to make a rooted/custom rom from RK2818 Kitchen for windows -
unzip the folder to the root of C drive (else the bat file will cause errors)
it contains ALL the files needed (you dont need the android sdk)

next..install Z4root to your pad and then temp root
[APP] z4root - xda-developers

you will also need a root file explorer (i use latest version of ES File Explorer in root mode)

once you have root on the pendo..connect usb to the PC AND turn off USB storage on the pendo once it has connected to the pc (pull down notification drop down and select Turn off USB Storage)
next, open command prompt, change folder to c:\rkcooking\
type the following to upload 'rkdump' to the pendo...

adb push rkdump /data/app-private/

now on the pendo, start the root file explorer, navigate to /data/app-private/ edit the properties/permissions on rkdump so that its executable

now we want to find which mtdblocks to back to command prompt, type the following...

cat /proc/mtd

you will get the list of mtdblock..take note of which blocks are "backup" AND "system"...on both my pendos they are mtd5 and mtd4.. (system needs to be dumped if you want to make any changes to apps, the one included inside the 'backup' image is we just dump a unlocked copy straight from the pendo)
now we dump these images to the SD card...
still in command prompt, type...

adb shell

once you are connected to adb, at the $ prompt type..


then watch the pendo, it should popup asking to allow and unknown app to have superuser rights, click yes..then go back to the adb prompt and type the following to dump 'backup' image to SDcard..

/data/app-private/rkdump /dev/block/mtdblock5 /sdcard/update.img

wait for it to finish..then type to dump 'system' image to sdcard

/data/app-private/rkdump /dev/block/mtdblock4 /sdcard/system.img

remember to change the mtdblock number to match your pendo!
congrats! youve now backed up your pendo roms!

from there u can copy the img files to the the rkcooking.bat to unpack/edit/re-sign...

ill go into more detail of that once ive done it! but heres a hint..newtuxflashtools allows you to edit the dumped system.img to remove/add apps

edit:also noticed flashing does NOT require the pc connected, android will find the "update.img" on the SDcard and ask if you would like to use it to flash the remember to remove it from the SDcard or you will get popups everytime it scans for new media..

edit2: my 2 pendos are very different..the old one (2Gb) has an update.img size of new pendo (4Gb) has an update.img size of 103mb.. but theres no extra apps..ill have to look into it a bit more to see whats different

edit3: the difference seems to be...4gb pendo has some extra fonts, ALOT more usb_modeswitch files..and a file /etc/wireless/rt2870sta/rt2870sta.dat (wireless folder doesnt exist on 2gb pendo)..also config for dhcpcd_eth (2gb only has dhcpcd, 4gb has both)..
and some files related to adobe which arent on the 2gb (its not flash player tho!)
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