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Originally Posted by Sigmund Droid View Post
Woop, if CTIA comes and goes without a shred of "real" news regarding some kind of Ferrari of an HTC Android phone coming to VZW you and I will both show up with torches and pitchforks outside their corporate office, as there will be hell to pay!
And I 'll lead the charge!!! I KNOW where the corporate offices are.... I work across the street!

Wish I knew someone who worked there.. I lurk in the restaurants during lunch.. hoping to get glimpse.. overhear a tidbit... anything.. but nay.. you'd think I worked next to area 51!!!!

I've been lurking since this thread started... maybe one or two posts.. I wish I had something worthwhile to contribute ...but like many others I don't ...therefore I lurk.

This thread has taken off like no others I've seen.. And for ever regular poster... there are most likely 100 in the wings.. and it's the daily reading that keeps my emotions in check. I can honestly say.... if it wern't for this thread.. I would own a moto droid at this moment..

Whether thats good or bad at the moment remains to be seen.. In any case ... I'm doing SOMETHING by April My patience is wearing thin...
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