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Originally Posted by hatestmobile View Post
Perhaps the equivalent of a baseball player such as Pedro Martinez, who played out out the final year of his contract, his performance is sub par, he plays every game, insisting his shoulder feels great...but doesn't want his suitors to know that he's wounded and may never deliver the goods ever again.

Or it could be they aren't really worried about the lawsuit right now as it is in its early stages. Like we have discussed before... If the Incredible is close (I'll be conservative, 1 - 2 months) before launching than the law suit probably won't effect it much. Upcoming phones, summer, fall, winter, possibly/more likely.

I'd think HTC would be like, "*hit we got hit with this bogus lawsuit, let's launch what we have planned in the immediate future, show Apple we aren't scared or worried, and make out with as much $$$ as possibly in case this bites us in the @ss."

Plus, HTC is selling to service providers right (most of their sales aren't selling cell phones directly to users <at least here in the USA anyway> right?)? So if the phone is close to launch wouldn't deals have been made and papers signed right now with VZW and HTC? VZW is gonna be like, "We want our phones on the date we agreed by."

If HTC just folds like a cheap suit and halts everything this minute then they LOOK guilty immediately. I think everyone mostly agrees (minus Apple) that these lawsuits are bull*hit and hopefully nothing will come of them. You know how long the court system takes in this country. It could be a month or more before things really start moving in the lawsuit (hopefully we will have the phone in our hands by that point).

And the last thing I am going to say, is the recent articles about handset makers going back to the drawing board, etc came from analysts... That isn't worth the *hit I dropped this morning before work. No offense. I don't disagree with their mindset, but their proof is always questionable. How many times have you read (I know I have) where an analysts says, "Oh I definitely expect this to happen. I am quite sure. Positive." Then nothing happens. Crap, they even give high % of somethings going to happen and it doesn't or it isn't even close. Then when asked why the crickets come out chirping and there is no answer. Next they change their prediction. Don't get me wrong, I like reading analysts columns and stories, it helps me form my own ideas and opinions, but analysts are like weather forecasters (only less accurate). They make predictions and sometimes they are right. Other times they are so far off it isn't even funny. That's just how it is. I may be VERY wrong (I have been in the past and will be in the future), but I don't think the lawsuit is going to effect this phone release.

Listen, here's how it is.. I know everyone on here wants the phone. I know everyone wants new 100% accurate information every day. I know everyone wants this phone to be God's gift to cell phones, but to be honest. We probably aren't going to know until CTIA at the earliest. Let's all just wait until CTIA and see what happens. That doesn't mean stop trying to dig up information and post your thoughts. By all means do so. I need something to read everyday, but don't get worried or down if we don't hear anything before then or get new information everyday. If CTIA comes and nothing is announced or shown or talked about then let's start figuring out why.
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