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Originally Posted by Kappy View Post
Plus, if you read whats out there, it's been said Apple was bullying these companies months (up to a year) before the lawsuit so I am sure HTC had an idea this could happen. You can't just stop what you're doing though. And you can't just look like a little *itch and give-in to the big bad bully. You just stand up, kick them in the nuts, and do your thing.

Maybe the whole rushing to get the HD2 out now isn't rushing and they had it planned. Maybe they want to compete with some handset people are talking about on Android Forums coming out for VZW soon...
Here is part of an article from Oct 28, 2009.

The link for the article. Just sounds like things are drifting for HTC and Microsoft or Apple told Moto to go with Bing and we won't sue you. But who would think that. Maybe Apple is trying to get them all to fight.

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