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Originally Posted by doogald View Post
Why should we put aside Chrome? Plus the new Boid twitter client looks interesting, plus the data controls (you can set apps to stop using data after a certain amount) which would be quite useful for people on data caps. The Gmail app on ICS is better than on GB. ICS has better support for multi-core processors than GB.

Going forward, there will be more and more apps that are ICS only, or enhanced for ICS.
Maybe enhanced for the UI but ICS only, come on.

Originally Posted by doogald View Post
There is also the ICS MTD storage model, so you can access storage and SD from both the phone and a PC at the same time.
Because you have your phone hooked up to your PC so much?

Originally Posted by doogald View Post
Not sure if Moto will deliver it, but as-you-talk voice dictation looks much better than GB voice dictation. .
Moto can't deliver a freakin camera app that works right, how do you expect them to deliver on any other vaporware? I mean this is Motorola we're talking about here!!

Originally Posted by doogald View Post
The last I saw the rumored ICS for the Razr the Motorola customizations were pretty light, just as the D3's were lighter than the D2.

I'm actually quite pleased with GB on this phone, but I can see why people look forward to ICS.
Looking forward to, and getting, are two different animals. My D3 was nearly useless with GB (lag, reboots, lag) until I went with Steel Droid and got rid of all the bloat. NOW my D3 rocks. Stock Moto GB, no thanks. The ability of Moto to go one step further and actually not botch up ICS? Heck, I'd rather stick with playing the lottery. My chances of getting something worth it is much better.

Yes, Motorola has turned me into a Motorola hater with the D3. From a camera app that take 13 seconds to launch and take a picture, to video capture that stutters, to lag, reboots and the complete slap in the face to D3 owners by Motorola by not fixing these glaring issues is enough for me not to trust anything that comes out of that place. You shouldn't have to root a phone and drop a custom rom on it to make it what it was advertised to be. Yes, I know, you and others probably are just fine and don't have any of these issues, and that's great for you. For many others, its reality...esp those poor people that don't know they can escape most of it by rooting.
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