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Originally Posted by MouseLuckyDog View Post
In a couple of months I plan on getting a tablet. I am looking for one with a digitizer and ATM the TPT is the only under $1000 tablet available. ( Big emphasis ATM ),

I also heard that early versions had a lot of harware problems. Buttons and ports that stopped working.

Were these just startup problems? Has Lenovo cleaned up it's act wrt TPT?

I find this particularly troubling since I've historically found Lenovo to actually be pretty good quality.

I haven't had issues with mine but I did have to replace a client's TPT power button board under warranty.

I actually like the build quality. Feels solid and well built.

That being said, keep in mind this was v1.0 for a tablet slate for them, so waiting until the inevitable new model this fall (probably with a tegra 3 no less) certainly would be prudent.

But, with the price drops, the current TPT is a great value. Especially when ICS drops soon.

I'll be in Vegas in May for the Lenovo partner conference and will report back on anything good (not under NDA, of course) that I can fill y'all in on.
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