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Originally Posted by pupkact View Post
Rooting is pretty much the same AFAIK, it's really when you get to roms, basebands, and kernels. But each ATR would have its own root guide sticky (I assume) addressing the nuances for each phone. I imagine a disclaimer that it is for the particular variant of the device as well.

I'm not GNEX man, so I don't have a lot of say but I wouldn't want to see that convention continued through out every new device forum.

With other devices with which I am more familiar, there is a CDMA version and a GSM version. Although, yes basebands can be different between CDMA versions (A thread for each iteration linked in the sticky), Generally processes and ROMS are interchangeable, therefore many of the issues and pitfalls will be.

I cant help but thinking this is duplicating/triplicating effort. Theres a danger people will only look in verizon all things root and spend time trying to resolve something thats already resolved in sprint. I would have thouht having as much centralised as possible would be the best thing

Couldn't it be called "International / GSM - All things root" and "CDMA (Verizon / Sprint) - All things root"? Or a description that explains which are CDMA examples?


Originally Posted by Phases View Post
Well, the problem is we need to cater to both the technical, who understand what GSM and LTE and all that is, and the average person who walks into a T-Mobile store and buys a phone and all they know about it is that it's a T-Mobile phone call the Galaxy Nexus.

GSM maybe should be "international", and leave carriers as is.

I realize there will be some amount of stuff that could go in either - but Rob didn't want to go the redirecting route.

-Samsung Galaxy Nexus
--Galaxy Nexus - All Things Root

and each will have prefix sets to differentiate.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus:
(Verizon) General
(Verizon) Tips
(Verizon) Accessories
(T-Mobile) General
(T-Mobile) Tips
(T-Mobile) Accessories

And in the ATR:
Yes that would be much better...
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