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Originally Posted by shane17 View Post
Damn dude how did her ring scratch yur screen... I dont plain on gettin married anytime soon so i dont think there will be any diamond rings near my screen lol. But yea i hear you about the screens can get scratched by hard things like sand or diamonds.
Was an accident. Phone was sitting by my side and wife was sitting on the same side doing school work, she reached down to pick up a pen which was laying by my phone and her ring grazed the phone. She didn't even notice she had touched the phone until I picked it up a few minutes later and noticed it and showed her what happened.

Stuff happens and you never know what little thing will end up scratching your phone. It could be a one time freak accident like my wife's ring grazing my phone at just the right angle or a few grains of sand getting in your pocket...or you just flat out dropping it on concrete or something. I will always use screen protectors.
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