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Originally Posted by james515 View Post
unfortunately as an employee of AT&T you can NOT sue them. Any issues you have with the company, will have to be done through mediation. I work for AT&T as well and last month had to confirm and accept that I understood the mediation policy.


Typical BS from companies taking consumer rights away from a fair trial. Even though they force you thru the use of their service to use arbitration, you can still sue. Just a bigger battle to get there, but possible still.

For those not familiar with arbitration, its not a trial, its a single point in time you have your say, they have theirs, a panel of three (usually this many and they are local lawyers) listen in and then came back in the next week with a conclusion. If you lose you can try again (appeal), but only have a few days to file the request. All cost fees. This is good if you don't mind trying to prove their wrong, but in the case they have the upper hand and really did you harm just as slamming your services to something different without your consent while charging more in the process, a trial hearing is the best way, but difficult as many companies have caught on to this and force consumers thru their the fine print. Look for it, its there in the fine print - ARBITRATION.
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