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Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
Told you not to count out Moto yet. lol

The Q part is very interesting. Making it a querty keyboard doesn't make sense if its the replacement for the current Photon. (Thats not to say that a querty version of the Photon can happen) But I think Quad core may be it, but I would love for it to be Pixel Qi for even better outdoor readability. But I doubt that will happen. So its back to the Quad core theory.

LOL...I was a little skeptical, especially because of the lack of marketing support Sprint put into the Photon. I'm just hoping that they put a little 'bit more into the marketing this year, so that SGP makes a screen protector. If they managed to make it as thin or close to as thin as the Razr, while also keeping the kickstand (like the LTEvo), and also have the quad-core working nicely with's going to be hard for me not to pick it up over the LTEvo.

My question is, if it is quad-core, how reliable will it be with all the reports of Quad-core not meshing well with LTE?

I'd still love to see Motorola putting out one with a qwerty and one without. That would all but secure my purchasing one of each!...LOL. With HTC coming out with the statement that they're moving away from having phones with qwerty keyboards, and Samsung not having released a Qwerty version of the SGS 2 (and not likely to come out with a qwerty SGS 3), I think it'd be a good opportunity for Motorola to swoop up those that still are in demand of a Qwerty keyboard phone.

Well, hopefully there'll be more leaks at the beginning of June. I'm actually excited to see all the comparisons now.
Love the G-Note series!
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