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Originally Posted by greenrolaids View Post
The big three often get exclusivity on certain models.

verizon got the nexus, Razr maxx.

att got the galaxy note then the Htc One X.

Sprint.. actually i don't care about sprint, they are going the route of Black berry and should get a lawyer to dismantle their assets.

Verizon is due for a new phone in about 1 or 1.5 months.

Considering the Nexus is dropping to $199 on contract, that is the straw that broke the flag ship's back.

Verizon will have 2 new flagship phones soon, i have no idea what variant htc will provide, but the New Motorola fighter or HD will be coming soon, and the S3 should hit soon after.

Hopefully verizon does not get the 5" LG brick.. that would mean one of the upcoming top end phones would be a LG and as we all know.. LG SUCKS 5hit.

That then would give Samsung the time along with the olympics to release the s3 nearer to the olympics, which would suck because we would have to wait till the middle of JULY....

If that was the case, i will switch over to the Dark side, and wait for the new iphone 5.

I'm getting sick of Verizons tight lipped bullsh1t.
The Galaxy 2 appeared on Sprint first
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