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Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
Gold has a hardness of 2.5 on the Moh's scale, and plain normal glass 5.5... Its impossible for gold to scratch gorilla glass it unless its not really gold or the amount of gold in the alloy is really low. You sure that you weren't ripped off when you bought the ring?
Aluminum is along the same hardness of you're telling me you'd feel comfortable with me taking a soda can, cutting it, then using the sharp edge of it and running it all over your screen. Lest we forget that gold, especially white gold, is mixed with other alloys and then plated with rhodium. You can quote hardness scales to me all day long, doesn't mean anything in terms of what can happen in the real world. Ring prongs can be very pointed/sharp, just because it's soft metal doesn't mean it is impossible for that to happen. I know jewelry, I didn't get ripped off my friend.
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