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Originally Posted by Phases View Post
I'm torn on what to do here. A couple points in response to things I've read here though:
It is a significant change, I go back and forth depending on the discussion here.
Originally Posted by Phases View Post
- Guides wouldn't have any more trouble knowing what to prefix something than they would knowing which forum to put a thread inside.
Great point. I guess a non-gnex user would easily be able to tell that a thread is a GNex accessory for example and move it to the forum and assign the generic "Accessory" prefix. A guide that has the specific knowledge could then edit the prefix if necessary in the case that it is variant specific. In the case of LTE cradles, they could assign an "LTE Accessory" prefix.

Originally Posted by Phases View Post
- I wouldn't need to make new prefixes for each phone, but rather just use existing prefix sets for whatever carriers are needed.
I don't know how this works on your side, so if it's no big deal, it works. I just think that each device could have multiple combinations. LTE vs GSM, VZW LTE vs. Sprint LTE. When those are combined with the existing prefixes you will already have twelve additional prefixes (assuming general would be just that).
  • General
  • Accessory
  • LTE Accessory
  • GSM Accessory
  • VZW Accessory
  • Sprint Accessory
  • Tips
  • LTE Tips
  • GSM Tips
  • VZW Tips
  • Sprint Tips
  • Support
  • LTE Support
  • GSM Support
  • VZW Support
  • Sprint Support
Maybe I'm overthinking this. Just seems like a lot of prefixes, but it may work to your last concern.

Originally Posted by Phases View Post
- Would it be best to group everyone together for a larger knowledge base, or would that be TOO much and a thread posted this morning would be on page 3 by tonight - thus maybe better to have the division.
I could definitely see happening with a device like the SGSIII. Even the GNex forums were this way when it was first released, but it has slowed significantly. I also noticed this happening in the SGSII International forum since ICS was released for it.

If we went with the longer prefix list, this concern could be mitigated by users being able to filter based on their needs. For example, someone could filter on "Sprint Tips" to condense threads to those of interest to them.

I'm not ready to throw my hat behind any solution yet, I'm really just thinking out loud.

This last thought is a little bit radical but sometimes you throw something against the wall and it sticks, so here goes.

What about double prefixes? The current 4 and a second one for carriers?
Prefix 1
  • General
  • Support
  • Tips
  • Accessory
Prefix 2
  • blank
  • VZW
  • Sprint
  • GSM
  • LTE
  • etc...
I don't know how hard this would be to implement on your side, but it is just a thought I had. It could mitigate the proliferation of new prefixes I addressed earlier while offering flexibility as new devices are launched. If it is a non starter, feel free to edit it out of my post.

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