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Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Woot! Hoping it passes.
Sunday liquor sales in D.C. at last? - District of DeBonis - The Washington Post
Anyone else live in a state with restrictive alcohol sales? I remember when I lived in CA and couple believe my eyes with all the booze they sold at your average supermarket. I grew up in MA which, despite being such a blue state, held such high Blue Laws. I know we have a couple Massholes in here; remember calling them "packies"?
Pennsylvania hasn't had any alcohol sold in grocery stores until recently, sort of. The one grocery chain here called Giant Eagle started selling alcohol in certain stores about a year or 2 ago. Also, Sheetz; like 7-Eleven and sells gas, started selling it at there one location here in Altoona.

^beer only, no liquor. Only state stores can sell liquor in Pennsylvania.
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