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Gsmash thats my whole point we have company's suing each other and people suing companies and it all should be open source it should all be available to everyone to tweak as they need it.

But that's not the Capitalistic Way is it. I mean people sue just to sue. A lady sues because "Coffee" a beverage always have been served HOT burned her and the JUDGE not only allowed the case HE AWARDED HER. SERIOUSLY!!. What has happened to RESPONSIBILITY? Why is that such a negative word anymore.

I think if a Company Buys out another Company then all the Patents the company that was bought out had should go public and be open source. That would stop these people from wasting all this tax paying money filling up the courts with this kind of corporate garbage. I bet it would also stop these bigger companies from forcing these smaller companies into bankruptcy. Or even other companies into looking into other collaborations that could benefit us the public and those corporations even more
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