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I have made up a small graph of normal cards to use for enhancing. The only reason I personally would evolve a card to use as an enhancement is to save rupies ($). Here it is, feel free to add. I also colored a few things and made a list of which quest's provide the cards. the stuff in red is the missions to get the cards, and the number provided after the name is the TOTAL stats (offense and defense) of that card. So far I found that the best mission to get enhancement cards is 2-5, but let me know if you think differently. (A,B and C's represent next level of EVOLVEMENT)

Mission/ GODS

Jiao: a..2080 b..
Unicorn; a.. b. 2094 c.
4-2..Pixe; a..1270 b..
2-3..3-1..4-4.. Fire Elemental: a..880 b..1146 c..1335
2-5..2-2..4-1.. Angel: a..800 b. 1042 c. 1214 d. 1543
2-4..Dryad; a. 760 b..990 c. 1154 d. 1466
Elf Child; a..1080 b..

Mission/ DEMONS

Skeleton Fighter: a..2620 b..
Lesser Daemon; a..2080 b..
Lizardman; a..1770 b..
3-2..4-2..4-4..Kid Vampire; a..1080 b..
2-4..3-1..4-3 Skeleton; a.. 880 b..
2-2.. 2-5.. 3-5..3-3.. 4-1..Cu sith; a 800 b…1042 c...1214 d..1543
Ghost; a..770 b..840
2-1..2-3.. 3-4..5-1.. Goblin; a..760 b.

Mission/ MAN
Ninja; a..2980 c..3874
Warrior: a..2440 b..
2-5..3-1..3-5..4-2..Young shaman; a..880 b..1144 c..1334 d...
2-4..Knight; a..800 b..1042 c..
Witchette; a..1440 b..1872
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