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Originally Posted by robzillaa View Post
We have two modded touchpads with similar charging issues..the stock charger wont work on either and we have to use a touchstone to charge.. touchstone charges extemely slow 3 hours maybe gives it 30% charge at best.. plus the battery runs down very fast..

I have tried the double reset mentioned to no avail.. i am very wary about opening this up to tighten some screws as I dont want to damage anything. I have never opened these up before. I think my computer is not USB 2.0 as I tried charging once and nothing happened.

Any thoughts. This is driving me crazy
Not sure about the screws, but if you take the plug end of the charger and rotate it back and forth it re-establishes connections to the body. I don't recall it unscrewing, just rotating maybe 90 degrees or so - just twist it one way and back the other until it stops. Unless you're really ham-handed you won't break it.

I don't know if this is some sort of reset or just opening and closing connections, but it seems to work in some instances.

Since the Touchstone is inductive there is a "sweet spot" where it charges best. This is especially true if you have a case. I have a leather case on my 32GB TP and I have to be very precise about how I place my TP on the Touchstone to make sure it charges. With the TP turned on, try placing it in the Touchstone and making sure it's centered. You might even open up the Settings menu for the battery and see if moving it around just slightly changes the charging rate - I'll bet it does. If you have a case, take it off and see how quickly it charges that way.

USB charging by plugging it into a USB 2.0 port is limited to 500 milliamps (half an amp.) Charging through the wall charger is 2.0 amps maximum. If you attempt to charge it through USB and use it at the same time you'll probably have a net loss, depending on what you are running at the time.

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