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Originally Posted by argedion View Post
Actually the McDonald's thing was a poor example on my part. That's comparing apples and oranges. Like you I know enough knowledge about Law that It tells me I know nothing. And I really have no problem with someone trying to make an honest dollar. In the end that's what we are all trying to do. Support our Families and Habits.

I'm just sick and tired of hearing about all the Law suites really I mean enough is enough lets get back to what this was being done for to begin with. I mean how many millions is Oracle / Google going to shell out and in the end its us the customers who are going to pay. It's a pettiness I think that has plagued our Country and we need to get to a point were all the focus and attention is going into the Product and not the Courtroom.
Agreed. I'd rather see them spending their money on improving and developing new products than on lawsuits.
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