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Originally Posted by Mountainbiker View Post
I found out from another post that there is a widget for the hotspot in reborn Rom, has to press screen, select new widget and select hotspot, it works great. But is nice to know that quick-settings works too since I was using that with my zvc version.
I went to the foxfi website but it says that it wont work with the Optimus S phone.
I didn't notice Reborn's hotspot widget before. Thanks. Good to know. My daughter is using FoxFi on her HydroROM-based Optimus S. I just checked the FoxFi website and it doesn't say that FoxFi won't work with the Optimus S. It just says that Sprint removed it from the Play Store.

Originally Posted by Mountainbiker View Post
By the way if I want to update from zvd to zvH ( I would like to try the Hydra Rom) should I follow the same instructions as in the Apendix? Just Download the zvh
I haven't tried it so I can't say definitively, but I think you could just follow the instructions in the Appendix where you twice apply the update (substituting the ZVH update for the ZVD update of course), and then root your stock ZVH phone using optiauto-sfx.exe, etc.

My daughter has HydroROM. It's nice, but I don't think it's really much different than Reborn ROM. I don't think it's worth the effort. And considering that ICS is likely to be ported to ZVD before ZVH, I really don't think it's worth the effort to switch to ZVH right now (unless you find it fun to do-- which is understandable).

Originally Posted by Mountainbiker View Post
I have another question for you if you don''t mind: would this rom affect the data network speed?
Your speed depends on signal strength (how close to the tower), signal quality (what other radio signals are in the area), Sprint's capacity (how many nearby users are using it), and your target website's capacity. The 3G & WiFi download speeds on my Reborn ROM-based Optimus S are the same as they've always been. (Maybe a bit faster thanks to overclocking.) On 3G I get about 640kbps at my house and up to 1.3Mbps in strong-signal locations.

I also can't wait for ICS!
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