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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
This, I don't believe.

Steve Jobs said, his own words, that he was out to bury Android in a thermonuclear legal battle. No one put him up to it.

Larry Ellison, ceo of Oracle, has been pushing for the need to have all Americans get a special identity card, that will allow all government agencies to access your profile - driving record, court records, law enforcement records, tax records, the list goes on and on. And after being shot down twice, 9/11 happened and he won't go away.


Because he has already worked out the data models for an Oracle database that will make him and his company a protected national resource. The man is sick.

So, Android gains in popularity, and Google potentially has many records on you. What do you think Larry Ellison is after, really? Why was his first lawsuit for more than Google could ever pay?

Evil men exist.

Sometimes, only the lawyers can save us from them.

Yeah, sometimes marriage can do that to your memory.
Yeah, I see your point about who is driving it, but considering the lack of significant judgements, I believe my statement about who is really benefiting still holds.
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