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Originally Posted by Quigs10 View Post
Hey All,

I have had my MT for about 4 months now and have rooted it and have all of the apps that can go on the SD card on it. I also have deleted the "alog" file to help get some internal memory back, but over the past month my RAM of my phone keeps getting lower and lower that I constantly have to use Task Killer to kill running apps that seem to always be running in the background or auto updating.

Whenever it gets to about 30mb RAM the phone hangs and I have to open the back to get it to reset.

What setting/menu do I use to see what programs are updating?

It seems to have gotten worse since Google changed the Android market to Google Play. Why I don't know, but anyone else's RAM down into the 40s all the time?

Its probly gotten worse since Google took over cause, according to Google, Google apps and such mostly have to stay on the phone to work correctly while also user have reported that Google has the apps "locked" to the market so they can almost always update themselves

I also have a task killer tho, for me its the only thing that will actually kill the Facebook app correctly I have my auto kill completely disabled, and the shown apps thing set to medium

Apps in ur cache are fine, there technically "asleep" not using any memory till u activate them, but there are known apps like Facebook or Google maps that'll actually randomly eat smaller portions of memory little by little

You can try, turning off any auto sync ability, anything using the web can eat memory quickly depending on what its actually doin

Also if ur running stock, from what I've read, there's a known issue of the logs not releasing data, but I can see u already cleared that so it should be fine

For me personally when I'm down to about 30 MB of ram just killing Facebook and Google maps will immediately give me atleast 155mb of ram and the phone will stop hanging
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