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Originally Posted by mrspeedmaster View Post
The trial is pretty fascinating.

Lots of news coming out.

E.G. Number of Tablets sold, Revenues. I was totally surprise that iOS ad revenues pretty much funds Android's development. It is staggeringly off vis-a-vis the touted 850,000 daily android activations. You figure Android would bring in more money since it has an app-store and the google play (music/books/movies). Yet, iOS ad revenues in just web ads is staggering.

Kindle fire does nothing for Google since Amazon's silk browser strips and blocks google ads.

First Android revenue numbers revealed: $278.1m in 2010, iPhone more lucrative | The Verge
I'm not sure how you arrived at the conclusion that iOS ad revenue is funding Android development. From the article -

... Google expected the delta to widen; the company forecast making $840.2m from Android mobile ads in 2012 vs just $35.9m on apps sales.
Are you suggesting that it costs Google more than nearly $1 billion per year in Android development?

And for the growth years when the numbers hadn't reached this level yet, why attribute Android development funding to iOS ads? Why not ads for Ford? Car insurance? Health foods?

While the numbers are sensational, and the headline even more so, I find that it's best to question anything sensational in the blogosphere.

The authors of the article admit that the numbers comparing iOS and Android revenue are two years old and may have reversed already.

What the article does seem to confirm is that Google is in the advertising business and that they make a great deal of money in the mobile segment.
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