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Originally Posted by sonspot View Post
I'm with you, I have a Mac but still not sure about the iphone yet, I do know for sure my next phone will not be a HTC, unless I get a great deal from Rogers (also thinking about getting rid of them too)..

In my opinion the evo 3d is dead, it was a good try but to not support a "flagship" phone with the first big update after its release is ******ed.. I've tested a few ICS over at XDA, they work great and fast (with camera), theres no reason for us not to have ICS on our phones right now.
Well, looks like Samsung just announced that the US CDMA version of the Galaxy III will not have the quad-core processor in it, just like how our version of the HTC ONE X is not having the quad-core processor either...thats just great, so neither of these phones will really be that much of a leap forward from the if Apple actually makes the first leap forward with quad-cores(which they said they are)...looks like I'll be a sheep...
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