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Originally Posted by rod9669 View Post
Up-dated to the One X a few weeks ago, so looking at selling the 'phone on. As I see it my options are

1 - sell on eBay as stock
2 - sell on eBay as rooted - which ROM tho'?
3 - sell to Mazuma or similar

Any thoughts?
If you are fine with using eBay, and know how to host a good auction then that is where you will get most money. Some people, myself included, don't like selling on eBay so that's just personal choice.

Personally, I'd sell it as rooted s-off but put it back to a stock rom (as in stock rom, maintaining root). That way they have root capability but don't have some ROM that differs from the (HTC) advertised software. In addition (assuming you go eBay) I'd offer them the option of you returning it to stock or putting something like CM7 on it.

I wouldn't advise Mazuma. It's quick cash, but not good value. Even others like CEX which still aren't good value offer better prices than them.

For example (assuming unlocked and reasonable condition), Mazuma would give 62 in cash. Cex would give 75 in cash, or 82 for mint condition.

(CeX (UK) Buy & Sell Games, Phones, DVDs, Blu-ray, Electronics, Computing, Vision & CDs)

This is what depresses me though, 70ish is not money I can just throw away. So when it comes to upgrade I might have to consider selling mine to fund a new one (I buy sim-free) but it almost seems pointless for such a low price. The Desire has been by far and above the best phone I've ever owned. The prospect for me of throwing that away and never having my Desire again, for the sake of merely 62 saddens me deeply. Not only has it been a great phone, but it remains one too. Outdated yes, but still great. It's still immensely fun to root and play with
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