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Originally Posted by Lefty790420 View Post
For some reason everyone seems to have forgotten my poor old M835. I have had this phone only a few months, but have been rooted since the first week. This was my first Android and I happen to enjoy it's tiny size (even if I have sausages for fingers). I was given an Evo 4g and have since rooted, flashed MikG v.3.11, flashed chopsuey kernel and have it oc'd @1.19ghz. My M835 is on the stock rom due to it being my only phone. My prl is 3028, should I manually update to 3026, then flash AmonRa recovery. Also, is it fair to say Mate5 is fully functional? I downloaded the zipfile from the Androidforums thread pertaing to it. I can't afford to have any downtime in service since I use my phone for work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Btw, I'm typing this on my M835 using the metroweb and the android keyboard. Swype autocorrect sucks hard!

If you have PRL 3028 now, you would be downgrading to PRL 3026, if it were possible to go back a PRL or two.

I recommend getting new PRL's via *228 as the first PRL that was pushed to the phone, during the OTA process, slowed it down considerably and had no idea what was going on until after it rebooted.
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