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Originally Posted by dachillfx View Post
Hi there. You seem to have knowledge, I've had my bolt since day one of release no problems, in fact it still like new. My main problem is for months I only see my green light when notifications need attention. I charge every night never reaches full or 100% just 89%. If I restart device after charging that 89% jumps to 90-93% or may drop to 88%. I have both extended and standard bolt and rezound batteries
, as well as the seidio 1600 mah and a after market 3500mah battery. So as you can see I've spent a lot of money thinking it was the battery or the htc charging dock screwing batteries and or device up. Any suggestions? I really do not want to master reset. As we all know some of the better Market apps are gone and I have a few I am not willing to part with just yet. I am not rooted. Do you think my battery stats are off as well. One more thing after recharging sometimes when I check my battery use it will still show 10hrs or whatever when it should show only minutes or so many seconds not hrs when it was just taken off charger overnight. Thank you to whomever can help me. Looking forward to seeing and using 100% of my battery again.
you can try wiping the battery stats and see if that clears up the issue. it may not work right away so give it a few days to see if it worked.
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