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Originally Posted by Corpse11 View Post
Well, looks like Samsung just announced that the US CDMA version of the Galaxy III will not have the quad-core processor in it, just like how our version of the HTC ONE X is not having the quad-core processor either...thats just great, so neither of these phones will really be that much of a leap forward from the if Apple actually makes the first leap forward with quad-cores(which they said they are)...looks like I'll be a sheep...
I'll be honest I don't mind not having the quad core, the dev wont or aren't utilizing it in the tablets that have it anyway, a quick duel core with with better camera ( the one x is on the right track) and (cross my fingers) more efficient battery consumption would be nice.. The main thing that bugs me with HTC is they rolled out the Evo 3D big it up then put it in a box and forgot about it, I truly think the evo "3d" is dead, it was a nice try, if they roll out ICS for the evo 3d and said sorry the 3d camera is a no go I'd be cool with that. I got this phone for the duel core and 1gb ram, if I remember right it was one the first if not the first, the 3D was a bonus I only used three times tops.. If they're going to kill the 3D just do it and move on.

Like I said I've tried some of the beta roms of ICS with and without sense4 on the evo 3d and they work great just no camera, give me my camera and video and I'm cool,.. 3D can burn for now for all I care, just my opinion.
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