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Originally Posted by SilverRain79 View Post
Yeah, I discovered I was being charged for ringback tones... I despise ringback tones!!! Thanks for the welcome. I'm like a one man crusade to find as many Mercury owners having this issue... Cricket needs to own up to their mistake. Hell, I'd be happy just to hear one of their associates say "Yes, we know about the issue and are working on a solution." that would make me absolutely giddy at this point. But instead it's a bunch of lies and misdirection. I had one employee at a local store bald face lie to me b/c he assumed I'd be too stupid to know what he was talking about. Told me he fixed my phone, and sped it up, by enabling content filtering. Do you know what content filtering is??? Parental controls. I kid you not. I was livid.
Never understood ringback tones, especially paying for them. I would never even pay for a ringtone lol. It's crazy that Cricket won't even admit there is a problem, but unfortunately can't say i'm surprised. There have also been reports of the MMS issue in this thread:

Muve Music for Mercury now available via OTA update

Most of the Cricket store employees and cs reps don't know wtf they're talking about. I try to avoid them whenever possible. Better advice is usually found on the forums.
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