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Originally Posted by snave View Post
Can anyone please suggest to me a really simple alarm clock? The default Android one is fine for waking me up, but I also like to have a daily chime at certain hours. I've yet to find one that will just play such a chime without all of the wake-up features. Basically, I just want it to play a notification sound of my choice (so, a ringtone) at the same specific time, every day, and
a) play it once and once only
b) not give me any snooze option popups
c) not use the vibration function

I mean, vibration and snooze and repeat are neat if you're waking up, but if this is just a daily chime, the last thing you want is the phone bouncing around wearing down your battery (or grinding itself into your keys) because you're not sitting right next to it one day. Hopefully in your searches for the perfect multi-function alarm clock, one of you may recall having spotted something simple like this.

Thank you!
Your profile doesn't say what phone you have, but I would imagine that the stock alarm clock on any Android phone could do what you want. The stock alarm clock is pretty much frills free.
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