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EDIT: Delete pics that aint showing up...

tryed flashing the 4GB pendo lastnight...
what a seems this pendo is using nonstandard hardware...EVERY rom i tryed either got stuck on the bootscreen (archos7 2.1 & 2.2, onetab 2.2.3) or WIFI would not work (cyanogen)
the pics i tryed to post showed that the 4GB pad has a raised card off the main board, that looks almost identical to a wifi chip you would find in a laptop (hence why wifi doesnt work)
ive tryed copying the "wireless" folder and driver on the pendo to cyanogen, but its still not working, there must be a reference to it somewhere but i havent been able to find it yet

this also has ver 20.20 of the bootloader (all other versions have 5.00,5.01) and a kernel that wont run on the 2GB pad..and it wont allow any other kernels to run (the 2gb pendo took a couple different kernels, but not all)..taking a look at the bootloader in a hex editor shows that this version is for "new ram type"

as for the 2GB would run just about anything i threw at it..managed to get 2.2 and 2.2.3 both running (with wifi!) but still couldnt get apps2sd with any roms...cyanogen is useless coz it wont play music without crashing.

so im over stuffing around with roms from other tablets...i have already flashed the 4gb back to its original rom...i will probably try a few performance tweaks (in build.prop) and edit the framework-res.apk for a different looking "skin"..apart from that..theres not much else that can be done WHILE maintaining a fully functional pad (eg everything working as intended, wifi and wireless dongle...)..the 2Gb pad might stay with cyanogen if i can get the audio issues sorted (possably just need to remove the DSP manager apk and lib files)

also...i see alot asking about cannot remove any of the 'phone' apks without loosing wireless dongle funtionality! the dongle is a modem and needs the phone stuff to be able to dial out to get a connection (i may remove them from my 2gb pad as it never uses the dongle)

btw...can anyone read chinese?! i need a few pdfs translated that show exactly how to get stuff like the usb and wifi drivers out and into custom rom
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